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New License - $60  
Class starts at 9 AM and ends at 3 PM.  *****Bring a lunch*****
Bullet Hole Shooting Complex License to Carry classes (formerly known as 'Concealed Handgun License' or CHL) will provide applicants with the loan of a handgun. Bullet Hole's LTC classroom and range instructors provide the best open and concealed handgun training classes in San Antonio,Texas!

~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

Q. What are the shooting requirements necessary to obtain a Texas License to Carry? - LTC
A. To qualify for a Texas License to Carry, you will be required to score 175 points, out of a possible 250. The course of fire is made up of 50 rounds fired as follows: 3 yards - 20 rounds; 7 yards - 20 rounds; 15 yards - 10 rounds.

Need help with your shooting before the LTC Class? Not sure you can score high enough? Take our Basic Pistol Course and get the skills needed to pass the qualification shooting for LTC

Q. What kind of a gun must I qualify with?
A. You may qualify with a semi-automatic or a revolver. To qualify for a license, you must demonstrate proficiency with a handgun of .32 caliber or above.

Q. How do I get a License to Carry Application?
A. You may log onto the DPS Concealed Handgun website and fill out your application. 

Q. Can I transport my handgun to a shooting range without a license?
A. Yes, you may transport your handgun to the range without a license in your car. You may not, however, carry it on your person concealed or open without a license.
Please feel free to call or e-mail us with any other questions you might have
Our Instructors

Michele Hester
Michele is certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety as a Texas License to Carry Instructor. She also certifies Law Enforcement and Commissioned Security Guards in pistol qualifications. She is certified by many major manufacturers in the instruction and use of their firearms. She also holds certifications from many weapons brands as an Armorer. She is a member of the NRA with various ratings in instruction and shooting. Michele brings over 15 years of competitive and leisure shooting experience to her students.

Call the Range to sign up 210-679-6781

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